Spring Splendor in Jinling, A New Chapter in Exhibitions —— Nanjing Exhibition Invites You to Enjoy Together


From May 15th to 17th, 2024, the 31st International Tissue Science and Technology Exhibition is unfolding with great enthusiasm in Nanjing. Dechangyu (Booth: 8K44) is meeting everyone with its independent innovation technology, exploring cutting-edge intelligent equipment for tissue paper and experiencing the new heights of industry technology.


During this exhibition, we have brought multiple innovative technologies, including but not limited to:


4K HD No-Glue 3D Embossing Unit

The products made by this equipment offer a strong visual experience. They have a soft and fluffy texture that is gentle and non-irritating. Furthermore, it minimizes raw material loss while ensuring the durability and comfort of the paper, with paper layers tightly bonded without delamination.


High-Speed Printing Unit

This equipment supports two-color or four-color printing to meet diverse needs. It increases production efficiency and reduces downtime. It simplifies the operation process and makes the cleaning of the equipment easier.


During the exhibition, guests came in droves, continuously. Dechangyu provided detailed answers to everyone's questions, introduced the advantages and features of the products, engaged in in-depth exchanges with everyone, and received affirmation and praise from many customers and industry experts.


Dechangyu always adheres to the concept of "Innovation Drives the Future," using better services to give back to everyone. Thank you all for coming to our booth to participate in this grand event.