Fold Solutions

Fold Solutions

lotion coater is a device used to evenly coat cream-like materials on different substrates. Cream is usually a thicker cosmetic or medicine, such as facial cream, skin cream, etc. The task of the coater is to spread the cream evenly inside the product container to ensure an even distribution of the product's mass. It usually includes a feed system, coating roller or spray system, control system and drying device.

CJN-C Series Automatic Hand Towel Production Line

For making hand towel

1.Easy operation, labor-saving: The entire production process, from raw materials to packaging, is fully automated, reducing manual intervention. The user-friendly fully automatic folding production line allows one person to operate multiple machines, saving 75% of labor costs.

2.Stable operation, increased capacity: Compared to a semi-automatic folding production line, where the working speed is limited by operator efficiency, the fully automatic system ensures stable operation and significantly improves production efficiency by over 80%.

3.Touchless production, improved product hygiene: Full automation minimizes potential contamination and hygiene risks associated with manual operations, thereby enhancing product hygiene standards.

4.Low waste rate: The precise stacking and counting system, along with accurate folding, achieve a 100% accuracy rate in paper extraction.

5.High adaptability: The system has a wide adjustment range, allowing it to accommodate high bulk density materials effectively.

Max width of raw paper


Max outer diameter of raw paper 2200mm, others please specify
Design speed 800sheets/min/lane


Flexo printing