Jumbol Reel Solutions

Jumbol Reel Solutions

In the field of modern industrial production, paper rolls are widely used. There are also many ways to process paper rolls, one of the important ways is to cut raw paper. Raw paper slitting is a basic technology of paper roll processing, which essentially divides large-format paper into small-format paper. When cutting raw paper, an important machine is the raw paper cutting machine.

FC series with coating

1.Precision Coating: These machines are designed to provide precise and uniform coating of lotion or other substances onto tissue products. They ensure consistent application across the entire surface, resulting in an even distribution of the lotion.

2.High-Speed Operation: Lotion coating machines in the tissue industry are designed for high-speed production. They can efficiently handle large volumes of tissue products, ensuring a fast and continuous coating process to meet production demands.

Max. Web Width

2850 mm

Max. Operation Speed

500 m/min

Coating type

Intaglio, one side/double-side coating

Lotion Volume

Adjustable, please specify; Maximum lotion volume can be 12g/m²