Jumbol Reel Solutions

Jumbol Reel Solutions

In the field of modern industrial production, paper rolls are widely used. There are also many ways to process paper rolls, one of the important ways is to cut raw paper. Raw paper slitting is a basic technology of paper roll processing, which essentially divides large-format paper into small-format paper. When cutting raw paper, an important machine is the raw paper cutting machine.

FC series with printing

1.Strong applicability: suitable of high speed slitting rewinder, non-stop rewinder and other production line.
2.High speed: the Working speed can reach 400m/min or above.
3.Overprinting accuracy: tolerance≤0.5mm.
4.Equipped with an automatic cleaning system: automatically and quickly cleans printing plates.
5.Convenient plate change: Optional printing sleeve, easy to change the printing plate. 

Max web width

2900 mm

Max Print Width

2870 mm

Number of Colors

Up to 4

Repeat Range

170 - 757mm

Max. operating speed