Complementary Equipment

Complementary Equipment


1.High clarity: Utilizing advanced high-definition technology, it achieves clear and intricate embossing effects. Whether it is text, patterns, or textures, they are presented with exceptional precision, enhancing the visual appeal of the finished paper.

2.Diverse pattern selection: The high-definition embossing machine offers an extensive pattern library, allowing for the selection of different designs to meet customer demands. From simple and classic to complex and ornate, it caters to the personalized needs of various markets and consumers.

3.Efficient production: Equipped with advanced automation control systems, the high-definition embossing machine enables high-speed and efficient production. By improving productivity and reducing labor costs, it provides more competitive household paper products.

Max width of raw paper


Design Speed


Coating type Intaglio, one side/double-side coating
Lotion Volume Adjustable, please specify